Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Regional Swap CHAOS!!

I've been working like a crazy woman trying to make swaps for Stampin' Up! Regionals in Milwaukee this weekend! Here's what my dining room table has looked like for the last few days. I have a crafting room, but for some reason I always gravitate to the dining room when I have a large project like this to do.

I finally came up with a design and have gotten about 3/4 of the stampin' done. I LOVE swapping cards at Regionals. For those of you not familiar with swaps, what I do is make 50-100 of the same card design, and then when I get to Regionals there will be about 1000 woman who have also done the same thing and I'll get to trade with them. This way I end up with 100 different card styles!! For those of you who are members of my stamp club B, you'll get to see all of my swaps on April 25th!! Other stamp club members will see them at our next meeting, and my customers can always see them any time they want just by asking.

Speaking of Regionals, I should be bringing back lots of new, trendy, and exciting new ideas! Can't wait to share everything with all of you!

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