Saturday, January 26, 2013

Miss me? After taking 3 years off from blogging to start a new job, have a baby, and again become a stay-at-home mom, I'm ready to rock! I can't believe how much I've missed crafting and sharing my passion for it with others. While working at the Scrap Shack, I was doing something creative every day. When the store closed and then I had the baby, I had NO TIME for 'playing' in my craft room. Now that he's almost 2, I find myself with a 'little' extra time and I'm LOVING getting my fingers all inky and glittery again! I've starting a new passion, which is making chipboard albums. While nursing the little guy over a year ago, I would sit and watch YouTube videos on how to make these amazing albums. Although there are some crazy good crafters out there making these things, I thought I would throw myself into the mix and try my hand at it.  My first attempt is what you'll see here. I'm selling my books on ebay, and let me tell you, I loved this one so much I almost couldn't sell it! It's almost like selling a piece of my heart and soul because of the thought and time that I put into it.  Oh well, I'll feel the same way about the next one, and I always have the pictures in case I want to make one for myself in the future.

I learned to make the paper flowers by watching another video, but I changed them up a bit and made them my own. I have to say, I actually love making the flowers, even though it's a little time consuming. It's almost like knitting, or crocheting and once I get into a rhythm, I can do it while watching TV and barely look at my hands while I'm doing it. SOOO relaxing! Hope you love the album as much as I do!


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