Thursday, February 26, 2009

long lost blogger......

I had such good intentions to post at least twice a week, and then my camera died on me. It's officially gone, my poor little Cannon Powershot. I'm thinking the fact that I may have gotten salt water in it in Florida was the kicker. SO....I'm off to search for my son's little Kodak Easyshare and see what I can do with that. Hopefully I'll have some pictures for you soon because I've been making LOTS of stuff! Hope you have been too!

BTW, did you know that sales on craft items are WAY UP?? That includes stampin' and scrappin' supplies. It turns out, in a bad economy, those of us who love craftin' actually spend more time doing what we love! It has a lot to do with people staying home more, and making homemade cards and gifts to save money. I'm not happy that the economy is in the crapper (excuse the expression), but I am excited because there are so many talented ladies that are blogging A LOT and sharing all of their wonderful ideas.

Pull out your supplies and create something will take your mind off of the state of the union.

Happy Stampin'!


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